TRB Standard 8

Educators contribute to the profession.

Educators support, mentor or encourage other educators and those preparing to enter the profession. Educators contribute their expertise to activities offered by their schools, districts, professional organizations, post-secondary institutions or contribute in other ways.

Evidence #1 of Adherence: Shared Lesson Plan Folder

Over 20 student-teachers have subscribed to a shared Dropbox folder which includes lesson plans, illustrations and graphics, and teaching resources. I have contributed significantly to this folder, offering resources for five secondary courses at no charge to those who have access to the folder. The aim is to give of my expertise to help another teacher who may need resources to draw upon.

Evidence #2 of Adherence: Action-Research Project

Last year I began an action-research project into the idea of student self-assessment as a way of fostering engagement from students and helping them to learn to measure their own progress. Although the results of the study were ultimately inconclusive due to the limited timeframe and scope, it was my hope that other educators would consider implementing student self-assessment in their classes so as to increase students’ ownership in their learning.

Evidence #3 of Adherence: Community Action Project

Along with five other Bachelor of Education students, I helped build and deliver a workshop about reducing, reusing, and recycling at a local elementary school. We have made all these resources available on the CAP website so that other educators may take advantage of our research and will have a ready-made lesson plan that is tailored to the Learning Standards and Big Ideas of the new curriculum of British Columbia.

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