25 Useful Features Removed from Opera 15

I haven’t blogged in years, but this seemed serious enough to mention because¬†I have been an Opera fanboy since Opera 8.5 when the browser was made free. Fast page rendering, the latest browser standards support, a clean interface, and a host of other unique features, like mouse gestures and keyword searches, that were years before their time. Opera continued to improve this browser for years and years, and always managed to stay one step ahead.¬†Then came Opera 15, the first colossal mistake I’ve seen them make.

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HTML 5: Hail or Fail?

Those who have worked with the Web for many years usually have a wish list of things about HTML they would change. Personally, I loved the proposed XHTML 2. It was a very nice spec. It seemed that if Web browsers would finally support XHTML properly, the potential would be limitless.

Instead, that dream died, and we got HTML 5 in its place. Granted, we could be dealt much worse.

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