TRB Standard 4

Educators value the involvement and support of parents, guardians, families and communities in schools.

Educators understand, respect and support the role of parents and the community in the education of students. Educators communicate effectively and in a timely manner with parents and consider their advice on matters pertaining to their children. 

Evidence #1 of Adherence: Reporting & Use of Jupiter Grades During Practicum

For all seven weeks of my final practicum, feedback and grades for each assignment were visible by both the students and their parents online. In addition, the students were given skill-based evaluation sheets that provided both student- and teacher-generated feedback of a student’s academic progress so that the parents would be able to see cumulative progress over the first term of a semester.

Evidence #2 of Adherence: Parent Communication During Practicum

In two of my three university practica, I was given certain students’ phone numbers and asked to communicate with their families. I learned, mostly through the experiences of others, that being proactive by contacting parents in the early stages of a student’s struggle can prevent significant misunderstandings later in the educational process.

Also, I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in parent-teacher conferences in all three of my practicum schools! On each occasion, I asked the parents of my students how I could best meet the academic needs of their children. I received valuable feedback from parents and from my sponsor-teacher in that regard.

Evidence #3 of Adherence: Community Action Project

Along with five other Bachelor of Education students, I helped build and deliver a workshop about reducing, reusing, and recycling at a local elementary school. Helping connect students to the world they live in, in my opinion, will lead them to ownership in their community and a sense of responsibility to the environment.

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