My main professional and personal objective is to help people discover new things, not only about the world, but also about their own capabilities. I have taught mathematics, language and computer skills to hundreds of students in both Canada and France, and it is my desire to continue to teach and inspire people as long as I am able.

Academic History

I graduated high-honours from high school, earning the Jeremy Bailey Memorial Award for Scholastic Achievement. I then moved to Vancouver Island and completed every technology-related certification available at my community college before moving to Nanaimo and obtaining my Bachelor of Science degree from Vancouver Island University. My next step (which is currently ongoing) is to obtain my Bachelor of Education as well so that I can become a fully licensed teacher.

Career Path

Originally I thought I was destined to become a computer programmer or Web designer, but I was constantly encouraged by my friends and mentors to consider teaching instead. They were right!

My first teaching job was working for an online school’s Special Education department. I was immediately drawn to the excitement I felt when I was able to help my student understand something, especially if it was something the student had struggled with for a long time.

When my students graduated, I began seeking out other teaching opportunities. I taught Internet skills at my local library branch, became a student assistant at my college’s computer lab, was hired as a tutor in my university’s Math Learning Centre, and eventually began teaching at Sylvan Learning Centre.

I had the tremendous fortune to spend nine months teaching at a collège (middle school) and lycée professionnel (vocational high school) near the city of Bordeaux, France. It was there that I learned (out of necessity!) how to plan and deliver lessons, teach large groups, assess student progress, and reach students for whom English is a second language. It was an incredibly educational experience for both me and my students.


My hobbies include cooking, cycling and working on one of my pet Web design projects, as well as pursuing various forms of art such as photography/videography, poetry and furniture restoration. I constantly challenge myself to find new skills I can learn and new people who can teach them to me, and in that way I feel I can become a better educator and a better person.