TRB Standard 2

Educators are role models who act ethically and honestly.

Educators act with integrity, maintaining the dignity and credibility of the profession. They understand that their individual conduct contributes to the perception of the profession as a whole. Educators are accountable for their conduct while on duty, as well as off duty, where that conduct has an effect on the education system. Educators have an understanding of the education system in BC and the law as it relates to their duties.

Evidence #1 of Adherence: Successful Completion of University Course Outlining the Public Education System in British Columbia

Through the inquiry process of EDPB 519: Foundations of Education in British Columbia, I was able to learn all about the legal processes and internal mappings of the public education system in British Columbia. I learned about workers’ rights, union history, and the ethics of being a public-school teacher.

Evidence #2 of Adherence: Attendance of Seminar from TRB Representative (2016/10/03)

At this seminar, we were informed of the legal and ethical responsibility of public school teachers. As a group, with the guidance of the TRB representative, we analysed a total of six past incidents in which certain teachers behaved unprofessionally and faced disciplinary action. We were informed of the corrective actions taken in those situations, and it was reinforced to us that professionalism and the reputation of the education industry must remain of critical importance to every teacher.

Evidence #3 of Adherence: Final Practicum Evaluation Report

During his practicum, Jon displayed professional behaviour becoming of an educator. [ … ] In addition, Jon acted in a courteous and professional manner around his colleagues in the school.

– Field Experience Supervisor, Vancouver Island University

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