TRB Standard 6

Educators have a broad knowledge base and understand the subject areas they teach.

Educators understand the curricular, conceptual and methodological foundations of education and of the subject areas they teach. Educators must be able to communicate effectively in English or French. Educators teach students to understand relevant curricula in a Canadian, Aboriginal, and global context. Educators convey the values, beliefs and knowledge of our democratic society.

Evidence #1 of Adherence: Math & Computing Science Education

In 2015, I earned a Bachelor of Science from Vancouver Island University, with Minors in Mathematics and Computing Science. I also have earned a Computer Science Diploma, Information Systems Administration Diploma, and Computer Information Systems Certificate from North Island College. My math knowledge has greatly increased in recent years due to my taking extra courses at VIU in addition to my Minor, tutoring in the VIU Math Learning Centre, and serving as president of the VIU Math Club. I expect to complete the requirements of a Mathematics Major in April 2017.

Evidence #2 of Adherence: French Experience

I have achieved equivalence to a Bachelor of Arts Minor in Languages & Culture, with a concentration in French. I also had the tremendous fortune of teaching at two schools near the city of Bordeaux, France, which helped me to continue to hone my French-speaking skills.

Evidence #3 of Adherence: Final Practicum Evaluation Report

“Jon has a strong background in mathematics in terms of his university education and displayed an excellent knowledge during practicum in this subject area. Both of his sponsor teachers were very happy to have someone as knowledgeable as Jon teaching their math classes. In addition, Jon’s enthusiasm for/love of math was evident in each lesson he taught. This passion for his subject rubbed off in a positive way on many of his students.”

– Field Experience Supervisor, Vancouver Island University

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