TRB Standard 7

Educators engage in career-long learning.

Educators engage in professional development and reflective practice, understanding that a hallmark of professionalism is the concept of professional growth over time. Educators develop and refine personal philosophies of education, teaching and learning that are informed by theory and practice. Educators identify their professional needs and work to meet those needs individually and collaboratively.

Evidence #1 of Adherence: Assessment for Learning Workshop

This conference was fascinating. I was able to discuss new methods of student assessment years before they would eventually be implemented in secondary schools across British Columbia. We were presented with all sorts of new assessment strategies, such as peer assessment for assignments, and writing up charts in students’ assessment portfolios that give clear indication of the achievement of learning objectives.

The following month, I also attended a Staff Professional Development Day conference at John Barsby Community School on the same subject.

Also, in the past year, I have attended conferences on topics such as Aboriginal inclusion in public education, teaching standards in BC, and differentiated instruction in the classroom.

Evidence #2 of Adherence: Internet & Social Media

I have joined several Facebook groups of fellow teachers who share educational resources and scientific articles on a regular basis; this has helped me hear about all the latest pedagogical research and has also given me all kinds of helpful teaching tips. I also follow educational greats like Dave Martin and Allyson Fleming on Twitter; they regularly post interesting and relevant educational research articles. All this information affects, either directly or indirectly, the way I organise and deliver lessons in my classes.

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