TRB Standard 1

Educators value and care for all students and act in their best interests.

Educators are responsible for fostering the emotional, aesthetic, intellectual, physical, social and vocational development of students. They are responsible for the emotional and physical safety of students. Educators treat students with respect and dignity. Educators respect the diversity in their classrooms, schools and communities. Educators have a privileged position of power and trust. They respect confidentiality unless disclosure is required by law. Educators do not abuse or exploit students or minors for personal, sexual, ideological, material or other advantage.

Evidence #1 of Adherence: Extra Help Time

My students know that there is always extra help time available, whether it is during my spare block (first practicum), in the hour before class every day (second practicum), or during lunch every day (final practicum). Students feel safe in my classroom; this is evident because I have often found students from other classes working on homework during this time, too. In their teenage years, students will sometimes find themselves in situations where they are being bullied or do not have the support they need at home; “extra help time” can be the safe haven they need.

Evidence #2 of Adherence: Final Practicum Evaluation Report

“Jon directed students to follow class and school rules and was not afraid to hold students to account for behaviour issues. However, this was always done in a respectful and professional manner. This led to a sense of approachability between Jon and his students and created a productive and respectful tone in his classes. [ … ] When watching Jon teach, I always got a strong sense of his love for his subject and his caring for his students as both scholars and people.

– Field Experience Supervisor, Vancouver Island University

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